for Tourists and Students

  • Visitor Program

    Access by request
    for non members, over 21 years old


    Through the visitor program non members can request club access.

    The program permits access to the tower, the observation platforms, designated areas of the 50 hectare park, the trails, and our digital visitor guides.

    Enrollment permits access to the club by reservation, on days that we are open to visitors. Enrollment lasts one year and expires automatically.

    The program supports the mission to ensure the protection of Monte Matteo as a conservation site.

    ● Enrollment fee:  Gs. 200.000 and includes your first visit.
    ● Entrance fees: mornings  Gs. 165.000;  afternoons  Gs. 235.000.
    ● Visiting hours:  09:00-11:30  y  14:00 - 30 minutos después de la puesta del sol.

  • Request enrollment

  • All members and visitors are subject to the Club Rules.

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