• "Where the views and the great open spaces transmit peace and inspire the spirit"
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  • El Monumento is an outdoors club located 430 meters above sea level at the summit of Monte Matteo, a private conservation site.

    It is a serene natural environment where members can disconnect and appreciate the beauty of Paraguay's Rift Valley.

    The walking trails across the top of the mountain and the seating on the observation tower are surrounded by a unique landscape of natural monuments, views of the rift valley in it's totality, and unobstructed sunrise and sunset views.
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  • The mountain is located near the geographic midpoint of the valley. From this elevated vantage point one can see a wide panorama of geological formations and examples of geological processes that occurred more than one hundred million years ago during the formation of the South American continent.
  • Digital guides and self guided tours are available that cover topics specific to the geological and human history of the valley.
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  • Monte Matteo was selected for private protection in 2015 as an area of universal value for science, education, and natural beauty.
  • Members are permitted managed access to the mountain, the observation tower, the terraces, and the trails. Member visits are available several times a month depending on weather conditions and conservation considerations.
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  • We do not offer food or lodging services but there are options for both within 5 to 20 minutes. We have tables on the observation tower to accommodate visitors that bring their own food. *Alcohol is not permitted.