The Views

The Panorama

  • Millions of years ago, during the formation of the South American continent, mountains and hills rose from kilometers beneath the earth to create one of the worlds best visual examples of a rift valley.
  • El Monumento offers a unique panorama of the entire rift valley that begins at Lake Ypacaraí, continues across many of Paraguay's natural monuments, and terminates at the highest point in Paraguay, Cerro Tres Kandú.
  • Located on Monte Matteo, at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, the views from El Monumento are expansive.

The Valley

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    Western Views
    The north-south section of the Rift Valley has a geological history of 400 million years.
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    Southern Views
    The east-west section of the Rift Valley is rich in Paraguayan cultural history, including the country's independence.

What you can see

  • 200 kilometers of panoramic views
  •   Cerro Porteño
    The most famous battlefield in Paraguay
  •   Las Sierras de Ybycuí
    One of the most visually distinct landscapes in the world
  •   Lago Ypacaraí
    The lake surrounded by historic cities
  •   Cerro Mbatoví
    One of the oldest geological formations in Paraguay
  •   Cerro Acahay (montaña)
    The mountain and natural monument that has the shape of a collapsed volcano
  •   Cerro Santo Tomás (montaña)
    The mountain and natural monument that divides the southern and western sections of the rift valley
  •   Serranías de Paraguarí
    A mountain range with incredible sunset views
  •   La zona Sapucaí - La Colmena
  •   Cerro Tres Kandú y la Cordillera
            del Ybytyruzú

    The Ybytyruzú (Yvytyrusu) mountain range is comprised of the highest peaks in Paraguay, including Cerro Tres Kandu
  •   A 360°  view of the entire area